Let's fight against COVID-19

TMSS Foundation raises public awareness on preventive measures against coronavirus

TMSS for supporting COVID-19 infected people

We provide Hospital, ICU and Quarantine facilities

TMSS for supporting communities with masks

We make face masks for communities and supply to others

TMSS for supporting medical & health professionals with PPE

We make PPE to protect our frontline fighters

TMSS is cleaning the communities & Roads

We promote hygiene and cleanliness to keep community safe

Food & other essential support for the Jobless & poor to support them to sustain

We donate food and daily essentials for the jobless & needy

COVID-19 Total cases worldwide

World Wide : 115922830
Bangladesh : 547930

* Last updated 2021-03-04 03:45:06.873440+00:00 ET from the TrackCorona.

About us

Bangladesh detected cases of COVID-19 and the number of infected people is on the rise while reports of deaths are gradually unfolding in the country.

TMSS is one the largest NGO in Bangladesh working towards poverty alleviation and building a healthy society. TMSS has joined the national efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and to help ‘protect the lives and livelihoods of its communities, stakeholders and its own workforce. TMSS operates its 1000-bed hospital, 77 community-based satellite clinics including a number of community outreach heath care programs. In addition, it has a pool of health and medical professionals along with a cadre of community volunteers dedicated for any national emergency.

The COVID19 pandemic not only threatened the life and livelihoods of the millions of people in the country, it also resulted in massive unemployment and uncertainties including mass migration from cities to rural areas. People yet remained either unalert and or ignorant about the importance & benefits of social isolation including the benefits of other simple measures like handwashing and good health care, consulting healthcare professionals etc.

To help fight the pandemic, we need your support to help people to survive. To building on these efforts, TMSS request to donate and partnering in response to stem the spread of coronavirus; and support individuals and communities to protect their lives and livelihoods. TMSS has taken following emergency services and activities for the purpose:

  • Mass awareness on importance & benefits of social distance and practicing good hygiene
  • Distributing soap, bleach, sanitizers, masks etc.
  • PPE for the frontline healthcare professionals and volunteers
  • Distributing Food and other daily essentials to the jobless and poor
  • Deployed healthcare professionals & volunteers
  • Deployed its logistical capabilities to support the drive against COVID19

TMSS always respects and values any donation and cooperation for humanitarian assistance, no matter how small and whatever the form may be. With your contribution together, we can combat COVID-19 and support the communities and make a difference in protecting, safeguarding and help them continuing their lives and livelihoods.

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Our responses

Donate and join us to make a better and safer world.

Mass awareness building on

  • Social distance
  • Home stay
  • Hand washing
  • Mask & face cover use
  • Personal hygiene & cleaning
  • Avoiding non-essential travel
  • Consulting healthcare professional

Hospital, ICU & Quarantine

  • 1000-bed hospital & ICU facilities ready to serve infected people
  • Seventy-Seven (77) Community-based satellite Clinics for initial consultation & Referrals
  • Three (3) Quarantine Centers ready for isolation for COVID-19 suspects

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